Kumari Veeru

Maithili Tupshelgaonkar

I continue my consultation at her clinic and at Mai Mangeshkar hospital. Throughout my pregnancy, I was always happy to visit her and take consultations from her. Because she understands her patients very well, listen to your questions and answers it very calmly and consult her patient passionately.

As I am a working woman, due to Long traveling hours. I had problems during week 31. Dr. Mukta Rayate guided me during my bed rest to avoid further critical complications.

Well, that’s not the end, Big day was there to come. And like every pregnant woman, I also wanted to have a normal delivery… During my Labor, I called her in the early morning, she responded and immediately reached the hospital and we started the procedure.

My BIG Thanks to Dr. Mukta Rayate for her guidance throughout my pregnancy. And I was able to deliver normally with a baby girl.

I would always recommend Dr. Mukta Rayate, because of her: Proper Consultation, Friendliness, Prompt response, And lastly, she is an experienced gynecologist.

Poonam Kulkarni

Kirti Hazare

Leena Chaudhari